Petition for using the solar energy for a peaceful, democratic future for the world

We, the undersigned to this letter, wish to emphasize the potential contribution of solar energy to a peaceful and democratic future for our planet.

Energy is essential for the development of human society. It is the right of every human to have access to energy sources for sustaining a dignified standard of living. With fossil fuels as the dominant source of energy in modern societies, being depleted at an alarming pace, energy becomes a commodity for those who can afford it. Hundreds of millions of people in the developing world have no access to affordable energy for a sustainable life. Even the developed countries have to spend a major part of their national income for importing fossil fuels. This dependency imposes a heavy economic burden and associated volatility. Today human society looks like a “fossil fuel addict” throwing away its future.

The control of fossil fuel supplies by a few corporations at both the international and national levels permits an oligarchy to undermine any true democracy in future.

In contrast to nuclear and fossil energies, which are associated with catastrophes, wars, inequality and power politics, solar energy is correlated with a peaceful, clean, democratic, green and sustainable future for mankind. Solar energy can never be monopolized. Human society needs decentralized solar energy for realization of global democratization. With energy independence and autonomy through solar energy, the world will have a better prospect to realize global democratization and prosperity and to ensure harmony among regions, nations and people. Solar light is widely distributed on our planet and has the capacity of providing many orders of magnitude more energy than we consume as a human society today. 

With this motivation in mind the delegates of the conference “Solar Energy for World Peace” ( ) came together in Istanbul to exchange scientific information on new solar energy technologies. A particular aim of this meeting has been the transfer of know how to the developing countries in Africa and the Middle East, with emphasis on the need for mutual cooperation at the scientific and technical levels in order to make this technology available to every human being on earth with equal rights to this free source of energy.

The undersigned participants request responsible persons at all national and international political levels to support the research, development and dissemination of solar energy. As scientists and engineers, we will strive to create the science and technology needed to harvest and utilize solar energy economically for all people on our planet. The future of human society and of our planet will depend upon the widespread use of solar energy as an abundant, free and clean source of energy.

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