Application procedure
All applicants will have to provide all necessary information in this electronic form.

Applicants are also required to prepare a high-quality digital video recording of a recent performance (2014-2017), upload it onto YouTube (or any other popular digital video streaming technology), and provide the link to the video content in the application form. The duration of the recording should be about 15-20 minutes.

Directors of selected groups, or at least one person from each performance group, must be members of ISME for the biennium 2017-2018. The ISME member is the person who will need to submit the application. Groups selected to perform assume responsibility for all financial arrangements to support the group's expenses.

Successful applicants may be offered one or two performances within the Conference. Performance time for each concert is 20-25 minutes, with five minutes to change the stage for the next group. Selected groups must be available to perform at the times assigned. Special requests for particular performance slots/times will not be accepted.

Selection criteria
The selection of Performing Groups will be made in accordance with ISME policies on musical and cultural diversity, and aims to offer delegates the opportunity to broaden their musical experience.

In deciding on the performance groups:

  • The number of local and international performing groups selected depends not only on their quality, but on available venues and performance opportunities;
  • Priority will be given to demonstrably high standard amateur groups, young/learning performers and groups working in, or emerging from, an educational context;
  • Selection of the groups will be based, according to the aims of the conference, on high standards, diversity of repertoire and geographical representation.
Name of Performer / Group
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